Watch Hera Pheri 2000

Hera Pheri 2000

Movie Title:Hera Pheri
Year of Release:2000
Cast:Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Tabu
Watch On:Youtube

Initially, the audience had expected the movie Hera Pheri to be hilariously funny but it went more than an average funny movie. The movie could hold up to the expectations of its comic timing till the end. The basic plot of the movie revolves around three simple characters namely Shyam played by Sunil Shetty, Raju played by Akshay Kumar and Bapu Rao played by Paresh Rawal. After the death of Shyam’s father, he comes to the city for the same job his father use to work for. It was a bank job where he finds Anuradha played by Tabu who is too competing for the same post. Shyam starts staying with Bapu Rao and Raju. Bapu Rao has a big heart and always remains in debt due to his extravagant alcoholic habits. Both Bapu Rao and Raju owns a garage. Raju’s mother is in the illusion that her son stays in Calcutta and is a rich businessman there. She is unaware of the fact that her son has been doing odd jobs is the same city of Bombay. Anuradha too is struggling through her life. She has an ailing mother and small siblings whom she has to take full responsibility. Seeing her in so much of problem Shyam eventually lets her take the job for which he was a strong candidate. At the end of it, all the characters in the movie desperately need a lot of money to sustain their lives.

The plot looks simple yet. The director created a funny moment without throwing random jokes and punch line. After the post-interval, the three housemates get a wrong number, a kidnapping takes place where three musketeers are involved. You will suddenly find a truck full of Sardarjis from nowhere. You get the villains in military clothes creating chaos in the middle of everything. Then you get to encounter a grateful grandfather, a responsible police commissioner and many more such absurd scenes. If we talk about the picturization of the movie it gives a lot of expectations to the audience but fails to fulfill all of them. Akshay Kumar actually looks like a travel brochure from nowhere.

The music disappoints the audience at the end. You have irrelevant lyrics to the songs like “main ladki pay” as if the lyricist is having some block in his thoughts and delivering good lyrics. But wait, it’s not needed though. The movie is created to make us laugh and it played its part quite well.

The major attraction of the movie is Paresh Rawal. Whatever reason you laugh throughout the movie is just because of him. He’s the Hero that binds the other two characters together. He is the true comedian who entertains the audience throughout the movie. Unlike Here Pheri 2, Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty fail to show their true comic timing potentiality as actors and they appear to be mere wooden pieces acting in the movie.

The director of the movie Priyadarshan has created a laughter dose for comedy lovers. This movie is ageless and could be enjoyed again and again. You can just watch the movie for the sake of Paresh Rawal and for his exceptionally well comic timing.

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