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Garam Masala 2005

Movie Title:Garam Masala
Year of Release:2005
Cast:Akshay Kumar,John Abraham, Rimi Sen, Neha Dhupia, Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav.
Watch On:Youtube

Making a comedy movie is not an easy job. It is an emotion which cannot be captured fully and you just cannot make a movie which would make its audience to laugh for more than two hours at a stretch. The comedy movie Garam Masala has a thin plot, but it works perfectly due to its funny dialogues and punches. Especially the comedy shown after the interval actually makes the viewers laugh their lungs out. Priyadarshan simply crafts the perfect plot for Akshay Kumar and John Abraham as its main characters of the movie. Paresh Rawal is the unique cook who is given fantastic punch lines which are added with his perfect comic timing and also Rajpal Yadav is a well-linked drunkard in the movie. The three female air hostess Neetu Chandran, Daisy Bopanna, and Nargis play their part way too well. Even if their role is insignificant they do leave a mark upon the entire comedy.

Akshay Kumar plays the role of Mac who initially does not have much luck with ladies or with a bright career but eventually gets a lot of opportunities to make his life a perfect one. Suddenly he finds himself amongst an ambitious stirring would be partner, dating three hot flight attendants and living a rich life. His character becomes admirable but in thee, and he finds himself to be playing the ultimate game of infidelity. On the other hand, John Abraham plays the role of Sam who is a hot stud who lacks the charm of Mac. He tries to manage all his work together, like getting a promotion, foreign trips and finally getting a kiss from his office receptionist Maggie played by Neha Dhupia he knows that he is actually not playing the game very well. Though Mac is a rival to Sam, Sam eventually looks up to him. Uncle Mambo is played by Paresh Rawal who too lives with Mac and Sam in his own house. He is a moody chef and does not like women since the time his wife ran away with his brother. But his life too at the end becomes that of house servants who are changing photographs, making three types of meals on the same night and invariably asking for a raise which is doubtful to come.

Though the plot initially appears to be predictable, the storytelling is quite sharp. The dialogues are hilarious, often underplayed, and there are many scenes which would make you laugh out much harder when you have least affected. Akshay Kumar emerges as the true star for the film. His comic timing and the way he delivers the dialogues shows that this film belongs to him. There is a self-deprecating aspect in the comedy performed by Akshay which brings warmth to the movie. Though the plot falters he gives a new dimension to the movie.

Coming to the deadpan of the movie, Paresh Rawal is exceptional. Whenever he appears on the screen you know you are in for a good laughter. His comic timing, the perfectly crafted delivery of the dialogues are way too perfect. But he steals the show only by his raised brows or taunting scowl. Rajpal Yadav to doesn’t disappoint us too. John Abraham plays his part fairly. His character needed more development as his comic actions like often stumbling from the sofa doesn’t look so good all the time. He may be the weakest part of the movie but he doesn’t do any harm to the same. The film has many faults but it would never fail to make to laugh harder and harder. You can watch Garam Masala online for free on youtube.

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