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Oh My God 2012

Movie Title:OMG - Oh My God
Year of Release:2012
Cast:Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty
Watch On:Jiocinema

Director Umesh Shukla has come up with an amazing concept based on ‘Kanji Virudh Kanji’, a Gujarati stage play. The movie ‘Oh My God’ is basically a remake of a famous movie, ‘The man who sued God’. It is a famous Bollywood movie that has an impact on the life of every modern, religious and non-religious Indian. It is a movie which reflects the relationship between a man and God. At the same time it reflects the truth that in reality, we are not the God-loving but God-fearing people. As per the opinion of some famous Bollywood stars, this movie truly shows how religion has become a business in India and how Godmen (represented as god’s salesman in the movie) are fooling the citizens.

The famous character “Kanji Lalji Mehta who is a non-religious person in the movie, is truly the backbone of Oh My God. This role has been played by Paresh Rawal who in the movie is a non-religious person but runs an antique shop of Indian god statues. He targets all the religious devotees and sell the statues in thousands of rupees and make a huge profit through this business.

There comes a day when an earthquake hits the city he lives in and unfortunately it’s only the Kanji’s shop which gets fully damaged. People think & suggest Kanji that it happens due to his abusive words against god and because he disrespected him by spreading fake news. The insurance company refuses to pay him the insurance amount saying it is actually an act of god and they are not liable to pay.

Kanji was left by his family due to getting life threats as he chooses to file a case in the high court against God. Later, God himself came to live with him in his own home with a different identity. The role of “Krishna” (God in the movie) has been played by Akshay Kumar. He has been shown as a modern God in the movie who wears clothes like a 21st-century man and follows the same lifestyle.

Krishna helps Kanji in understanding how he can win the case by making him read all the religious books of different religions. In the end, Kanji suffer from a stroke the same day he won the case. Krishna then came to the hospital and show Kanji his true identity post which Kanji start believing the god. The movie got different reviews and was a matter of conflict in various Indian states due to some strong words used against the idea of religion and due to his reflection as a modern man.

Akshay Kumar as modern ‘Krishna’ has done a great job in the movie. He has once again proven his versatility as an actor through the portrayal of this character. ‘Pareah Rawal’, on the other hand, is a veteran actor who has done a phenomenal job in the film. ‘Mithun Chakraborty’ has portrayed the role of a cunning and fake saint. There’s a lot of comic elements in his character and he has played it impeccably well. The director Umesh Shukla has done a good job and the song ‘Mere Nishan’ by ‘Kailash Kher’ is the heart of the movie.

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