Watch Singh is Kinng 2008

Singh is Kinng 2008

Movie Title:Singh is Kinng
Year of Release:2008
Cast:Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif
Watch On:Youtube

Singh is King is quite an overhyped movie for the simple reason for its block baster star cast which includes the high budget actor Akshay Kumar. Plus as the pairing of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif has created magic in the past so the audience had a lot of hope from this movie. Another reason for such high expectation from the movie is due to its director Anees Bazmee who creates marvelous comedy movies.

The plot surrounds a happy go lucky man named Happy Singh which is played by Akshay Kumar, who belongs to Punjab and has a golden heart too. Fate is cruel to him. Whenever he tries to do something good always the opposite happens. He tries to help his villagers but ends up destroying the entire village. Consequently, the villagers sent him to Australia to hunt for Lakhan Singh who is an underworld don. But again fate plays its game and Happy Singh lands up in Egypt instead of Australia. In Egypt, he meets Sonia, the character played by Katrina Kaif and instantly falls in love with her. Eventually Happy goes to Australia without any money with his friend Tony. Luckily Rose Lady played by Kiron Kher gives them shelter. Then he gets to meet Lakhan Singh but due to an attack, Lakhan Singh is unable to speak a word. After a series of confusion, Happy Singh is crowned as the King of the don. He becomes the boss of the underworld gang. After a number of comic scenes, Sonia is discovered to be the daughter of Rose Lady who returns to Australia with her boyfriend played by Ranvir Shorey. Now, does Happy gets his lady to laugh? Is he able to take back Lakhan Singh to his village, sums up the rest of the comic film?

If you are watching a film like Sing is King you would be thoroughly entertained by a hilarious first half and at the same time disappointed with an average second half. The comic scenes in the first half are well crafted and executed to its top-notch level and rib-tickling. After such an entertaining first half you start to expect more from the movie but you are highly disheartened. A song on Javed Jaffery appears to be absolutely unnecessary and the ending too turns out to be a work of haste. The climax has been hurried up and you eventually realize that the movie has been ended abruptly. Another loophole of the movie is its Punjabi dialogues which are quite hard to be understood by all. At times you even notice that the voice is not in sync with the lip movement of the characters.

Music is quite average. But songs like ‘Teri Ore’ and the title track stands out and becomes the chartbuster too. Coming back to the performances, Akshay Kumar is a complete entertainer and you can observe his full dedication in presenting the character of Happy Sing excellently. Katrina Kaif too manages to pull off her role in the movie, in fact, she looks quite beautiful and elegant where you would actually want to fall in love with her. Om Puri in the role of Tony and Happy Singh’s best friend is also brilliant in his comic timing and his chemistry with Akshay Kumar. Sonu Sood is improving with his acting skills. Neha Dhupia looks hot and Javed Jaffery is funny too.

In the end, Singh is King is a non-brainer belonging to Akshay Kumar solely with the support of Om Puri. You would also get to see a gorgeous Katrina Kaif and some exotic locations too. To be honest, if your favorite actor is Akshay Kumar you would actually enjoy the movie till the end. But if that’s not the case then you can download and watch it too.

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